Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Animation time

Hokay so, its been a while since i have uploaded ANYTHING..so i figure ill treat ya all. Here is what I have been working on in my Animation Class this quarter. Then main reason I havn't had time to upload anything as of late.

First up is a Robot playing Dodge Ball..We had to have a character dodge 3 balls and in the process do a complete turn around.

Next we have my Current work in progress for my final, the requirements where that it had to be 10 seconds long, have 2 characters and involve magic in some way. This is what i have so far.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Its a Power Ranger who is also a Pirate, which is just straight up awesome. He will pillage and plunder whilst being stabbed and having sparks explode from his torso.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gonna be a Photoshop Hero!

I sat myself down for some good ol' fashioned Photoshop and Tablet bonding time today. And this is what was birthed of that wonderful union.

I am pretty terrible at Digitally Inking and Coloring my work. Just gonna say that now. On that note practice makes perfect right? yeah so thats what this is. Me all photoshopized.

My roommate was so excited about this new super hero he had made up in class today and wanted me to draw it as soon as possible today. I guess hes a French chef who gets different powers depending on what he cooks. It was fun to draw though.
In anticipation for the New Super Smash Brothers game coming out next month there has been A LOT of smashing going on between us roomies here. At one point someone had mentioned how awesome MewTwo would be if he rocked some nunchuks. And I already had my tablet out in photoshop so I just had to whip it up real fast.

For some reason I do a ton of self portraits, I must have a HUGE ego. OR I'm just really un-photogenic so the drawings don't end up always with me lookin' like some sort of retarded chimp. I dunno. For some reason this warm up makes me look really pissed. I guess deep down I was pissed today.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Go Ninja GO Ninja GO!

I loves me some Ninja Turtles. Here is a Ninja Turtle.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who wants a peice of cheesecake?

At Comic-Con this past summer I met some amazing artists who's art REALLY got me into Pin-Up work. Its even gotten to the point that I would Kind of like to pursue it as a career choice. Not instead of Animation, but on the side perhaps? Anyways here are some various pieces I have done, some older some newer.

These are a couple of my most recent Pin-Ups, I think they came out pretty good other than the faces which I was having issues with because of how small they were drawn.
This was just a quick sketch I did of the Marylin Monroe 'Golden Dreams' classic. I think it turned out alright for just being a quickie.

Here I was mostly just doodling on a paper and quite liked the form and whatnot, very unfinished as with all of my doodles.
Pin-Ups on tablet! I really need to use my Wacom more.
This was mostly a costume concept / redesign of a character i had created based upon the Queen of Hearts, it always seemed to me that she was portrayed as a fat old woman. I thought to take it the other was as a seductive youngin. She was going to be a super villain, kind of in the vain of Poison Ivy.
Who doesn't like ninja chicks? I mean really?Alright, for these last two they were done pretty soon after the last Comic-Con when I had decided to try my hand at the Cheesecake. The top one is in fact Princess Peach from the Super Mario Games. There is an video game art show in LA every year, I am 8-Bit, that I have wanted to submit a piece too, and because I was trying my hand at the Pin-Ups I thought I could maybe blend the two into one piece. The body pose was again taken from the 'Golden Dreams' series of Monroe Pin-Ups, I had thought I was Quite clever in mixing the two poses into one.

This second was mostly a study to see how to properly do a stylized yet sexy pin-up girl. Essentially a first try, not too good and my dancing girl looks like she was being tortured, but oh well, it fits the theme so I figured why not,

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Its been a while since I put up something recent, all these school time memories. So here we go, This is what happens when you sit in an ethics class too long.
Edit: I did not notice how big the head on that drawing was until taking a second look to it on the monitor. Now it bugs me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goat Two: The Return

Last time was a focus on the Goat bots, now we have a slew of just straight up goats. I believe his name was Sally? or Jill. Something along those lines.
Yeah...it was like 5 years ago...the whole BAAAAAAA-D thing was clever. Shut up. Back in the old high school animation days this was trying to figure out what Sally would look like after being sucked like a lollipop or starburts by the Chupacabra. By the way, hes supposed to be cowering in fear. Not the other thing you think.

This one is twice as awesome, not only is there a goat but we get Turtle bot as well. Turtle bot owns.
Who didn't loves them some Shinobi?

Here is another form of the Goat-bot ive done, this is more of a Cyborg goat though as opposed to transforming one.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Just yesterday I rediscovered a grip of drawings back from high school all featuring a certain Goat like Robot in the previous post so lets take a trip back in the day, I think like 5 years ago now to the day of the goat. Also , don't ask me why I felt so compelled to label Goat on the drawings, I dunno what I was thinking.
Its kind of interesting to see the different designs i had done for Goat bot, in my mind remembering I just remembered the one version redesigned the other day, apparently there was quite a variation of Goat bots. I'm starting to think maybe there is a race of space Goat bots out there out in space, so each is different in their own rights, eh? EH? I approve. OR like a Goat Bot task force? I'm thinking I have a pitch for Cartoon Network.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year Uploads! HUZZAH! I just rounded up some old drawings I did a few weeks back but never got to scan. Peep em and enjoy.

Goat-Bot, all fear the goat. As a kid growing up I was always a fan of transformers and Beast Wars so when we had to create a Goat character for an animation in my highschool animation class a few years back i just had to make a robot of it too. don't mess with Goat-Bot.

As with everyone else I was playing Assassins Creed, and enjoying it greatly so I whipped this up in class while i was of course supposed to be watching some video about water or something. Its an Art School Altair. I know, I'm a dork. I quite liked the Throwing pencils secured to his hoodie jacket though. I felt clever.

Just some fooling around at a Borders the other day between classes. Expiramentation: always fun.

My roommates created a WoW PVP team called Boxing Octopi and required me to draw it up afterwards, in the end I approved.