Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gonna be a Photoshop Hero!

I sat myself down for some good ol' fashioned Photoshop and Tablet bonding time today. And this is what was birthed of that wonderful union.

I am pretty terrible at Digitally Inking and Coloring my work. Just gonna say that now. On that note practice makes perfect right? yeah so thats what this is. Me all photoshopized.

My roommate was so excited about this new super hero he had made up in class today and wanted me to draw it as soon as possible today. I guess hes a French chef who gets different powers depending on what he cooks. It was fun to draw though.
In anticipation for the New Super Smash Brothers game coming out next month there has been A LOT of smashing going on between us roomies here. At one point someone had mentioned how awesome MewTwo would be if he rocked some nunchuks. And I already had my tablet out in photoshop so I just had to whip it up real fast.

For some reason I do a ton of self portraits, I must have a HUGE ego. OR I'm just really un-photogenic so the drawings don't end up always with me lookin' like some sort of retarded chimp. I dunno. For some reason this warm up makes me look really pissed. I guess deep down I was pissed today.


Conrad said...

First drawing- You almost had me until I noticed THAT YOU DREW A TRAVIS HARBEN HAND! GOD DAMNIT GEOFF! A TRAVIS HARBEN HAND!

Second drawing- I love the face in the corner... It looks like yosh

Bottom drawing- Sick. It begs for high contrast color work. Get me a photoshop and I'll do it.

TrevWolf said...

Oh man, that mewtwo nunchucks makes for the greatest idea ever: Pokemon VS TMNT.