Thursday, January 17, 2008


Its been a while since I put up something recent, all these school time memories. So here we go, This is what happens when you sit in an ethics class too long.
Edit: I did not notice how big the head on that drawing was until taking a second look to it on the monitor. Now it bugs me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goat Two: The Return

Last time was a focus on the Goat bots, now we have a slew of just straight up goats. I believe his name was Sally? or Jill. Something along those lines. was like 5 years ago...the whole BAAAAAAA-D thing was clever. Shut up. Back in the old high school animation days this was trying to figure out what Sally would look like after being sucked like a lollipop or starburts by the Chupacabra. By the way, hes supposed to be cowering in fear. Not the other thing you think.

This one is twice as awesome, not only is there a goat but we get Turtle bot as well. Turtle bot owns.
Who didn't loves them some Shinobi?

Here is another form of the Goat-bot ive done, this is more of a Cyborg goat though as opposed to transforming one.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Just yesterday I rediscovered a grip of drawings back from high school all featuring a certain Goat like Robot in the previous post so lets take a trip back in the day, I think like 5 years ago now to the day of the goat. Also , don't ask me why I felt so compelled to label Goat on the drawings, I dunno what I was thinking.
Its kind of interesting to see the different designs i had done for Goat bot, in my mind remembering I just remembered the one version redesigned the other day, apparently there was quite a variation of Goat bots. I'm starting to think maybe there is a race of space Goat bots out there out in space, so each is different in their own rights, eh? EH? I approve. OR like a Goat Bot task force? I'm thinking I have a pitch for Cartoon Network.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year Uploads! HUZZAH! I just rounded up some old drawings I did a few weeks back but never got to scan. Peep em and enjoy.

Goat-Bot, all fear the goat. As a kid growing up I was always a fan of transformers and Beast Wars so when we had to create a Goat character for an animation in my highschool animation class a few years back i just had to make a robot of it too. don't mess with Goat-Bot.

As with everyone else I was playing Assassins Creed, and enjoying it greatly so I whipped this up in class while i was of course supposed to be watching some video about water or something. Its an Art School Altair. I know, I'm a dork. I quite liked the Throwing pencils secured to his hoodie jacket though. I felt clever.

Just some fooling around at a Borders the other day between classes. Expiramentation: always fun.

My roommates created a WoW PVP team called Boxing Octopi and required me to draw it up afterwards, in the end I approved.