Monday, November 12, 2007

Dos Mas

Couple more photoshop doodles here, we got everyones favorite plumber and Nameless Assassin.

Thats right, everyones favorite plumber is in fact Luigi. Luigi.

This guy was pretty fun to do, Just started drawing a random guy and the next thing you know hes an old man. Its a good start but why not give him a gun? Yeah, don't wanna stand on this old guys lawn anymore now do ya? He actually reminds me of an old butler who has to kill for a living or something, look at that expression, hes so above you.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Getting Started

Alright, seeing as how I am too lazy to use or figure out my DeviantART thing, I have decided to make this my little art Try and do some artwork and upload it for nobody to see and check it out. Maybe I'll rant a bit here or there, ya know. Mix things up a bit. We'll see where this goes.

Ten bucks says a year from now I have completely forgotten about it.

Anywho, to start things off here are a couple random happenings in photoshop while i was bored.

Loves me some sketch work.

Slightly still but not really more complete: Green Ranger and Me.