Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goat Two: The Return

Last time was a focus on the Goat bots, now we have a slew of just straight up goats. I believe his name was Sally? or Jill. Something along those lines. was like 5 years ago...the whole BAAAAAAA-D thing was clever. Shut up. Back in the old high school animation days this was trying to figure out what Sally would look like after being sucked like a lollipop or starburts by the Chupacabra. By the way, hes supposed to be cowering in fear. Not the other thing you think.

This one is twice as awesome, not only is there a goat but we get Turtle bot as well. Turtle bot owns.
Who didn't loves them some Shinobi?

Here is another form of the Goat-bot ive done, this is more of a Cyborg goat though as opposed to transforming one.

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